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GreenStreet Auto Spa & Detail Center

Hours: 8:00am open daily

Phone: 310-379-8898



905 N. Catalina Ave., Redondo Beach, CA 90277

(car wash entrance off Gertruda Ave., across from RB Post Office)

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Our unique GreenStreet Auto Spa car wash facility is the future of high-end auto cleaning and detailing.  Our auto spa has a focused commitment to sustainability including a state of the art water reclamation system, the use of eco-friendly biodegradable chemicals, and steam cleaning options in which entire vehicles can be washed with a few cups of water resulting in very little to no water run-off.  Our unique steam cleaning options allow for a more focused high pressure wash that is ideal for cleaning those hard to reach spots in automobile rims and removing unwanted odors from old floor mats and upholstery.  Our GreenStreet customers not only receive a “greener” cleaning, but a “cleaner” vehicle.  These unique cleaning options aren’t available at your corner car wash.  With full range of cleaning options and packages anyone on any budget will be able to benefit from the most comprehensive automobile detailing center in Southern California.

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