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Redondo Beach

GreenStreet will be the future of regionally-oriented commercial plazas where the focus on convenience will truly maximize the efficient use of the shopping patron’s time.  Our unique concept synergistically combines retail, services and food with a high-end eco-friendly auto spa car wash. Visitors of GreenStreet will be able to accomplish their weekly needs while at the same time conveniently clean ...  [ MORE ]


​​​​​​Our unique GreenStreet Auto Spa car wash facility is the future of auto cleaning and detailing. Our auto spa has a focused commitment to sustainability including a state of the art water reclamation system, the use of eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, and steam cleaning options in which entire vehicles can be washed with less than two cups of water. In addition, our free Green Street Membership will offer a full... [ MORE ]

Mission Viejo | Now Open
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